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Many, if not most people, begin transitioning to a more healthful diet high in raw vegan foods when they are severely ill; some do so when they are attempting to recover from minor nagging illness symptoms; and still others make the change when they are free of symptoms. In all of these conditions, once the body begins to assimilate a higher proportion of health-promoting foods, it initiates detoxification and health-building actions since it is always striving to establish a higher state of wellness.The new, enzymatically-active live raw foods with their nutritious, energizing sugars cause the body to spring into action, utilizing much of its energy in cleaning house: purging debris, shedding old inferior cells, and using the new raw nutrients to build a completely new, healthier body. It is recommended that the transition be made gradually, to avoid triggering the uncomfortable symptoms that can accompany a drastic cleansing process. As long as there is vitality, the opportunity exists for the body to rejuvenate to a far more vigorous level of health. Results are often noticed within 24 hours of beginning a new healthful regimen.Detoxification is a natural process of self-purification which the body carries out at all times, but most aggressively during the early to late morning hours. It is advantageous to eat lightly in the morning. Heavy foods eaten at this time suspend the cleansing process, keeping us toxic, sick, and, in some cases, overweight. The process of “detox” entails: 1. the cells off-loading metabolic wastes and environmental toxins into the bloodstream for filtering by the liver and kidneys for elimination, and 2. the organs of elimination (bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin, vagina) releasing metabolic, environmental and residual food wastes via feces, urine, breath, sweat and menses. Toxins are also expectorated in mucus via the throat and sinuses.Under normal conditions of healthful living and natural diet, the body is able to eliminate metabolic wastes and other environmental pollutants through its normal organs of elimination. However, under chronic excessive bombardment with unnatural dietary fare, environmental pollutants, emotional stress, and/or overeating on even good natural foods, the body’s eliminative capacities are not equal to the task, and a buildup of toxins increases as the days and years go by. This condition, called toxicosis, leads to accelerated aging, fatigue, illness, and, in many cases, to obesity. In this condition of toxicity, which is particularly likely if one has lived on a diet of foods such as cooked meat, dairy, bread, and junk foods, the body harbors sticky and insoluble debris and waste matter on artery and bowel walls, as well as in the bloodstream, tissues, bowels, and organs.Fortunately, the body is a magnificently designed masterpiece of self-regulation and self-healing, always striving to establish and maintain purity and wellness. When a toxic load becomes too dangerous for the body, it intelligently enacts a detoxification/elimination/purging/housecleaning event or phase, manifested by any of these “symptoms”: sore throat, inflammation, fever, skin outbreaks, coated tongue, mucus expectoration, body aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Malodorous body wastes and underarms are signs that toxic putrid fermented matter and acids are being eliminated. During the detoxification phase, many people experience lightheadedness and headaches as the body stirs up and dumps toxins into the bloodstream for processing and elimination. During a thorough detox, unhealthy fat, cysts and even tumors are also broken down (autolyzed) and eliminated. As toxins are stirred up and released, the body relaxes and people also typically experience short-term symptoms of mental-emotional detox: mood swings, depression, sadness, anger, and crying.When the organs of elimination are weak and/or overloaded, the body will resort to eliminating toxins through any convenient outlet it can find: e.g., the eyes, ears, throat, vagina, skin (sweating, rashes and suppurations), sinuses, and scalp. When we experience any of these signs of elimination, we typically feel fatigued and sleepy, as the body is directing much of its energy toward accomplishing the housecleaning. At such times, it is always wise to assist the body by heeding the calls for extra rest and sleep. All of these “symptoms” will diminish and then vanish when the body is sufficiently cleaned out, providing we adhere to a healthful lifestyle regimen.In conjunction with the heightened detoxification action, the body works at repairing any damage, regenerating new cells, rejuvenating and restoring wellness. The repair work mostly occurs when we sleep. When there is damage to be repaired and rejuvenation to be accomplished, the body needs extra sleep. We typically feel weak and need plenty of extra sleep in the beginning stage of the rejuvenation phase. If the toxemia, physical damage, degeneration and emotional distress is severe, this phase may last for weeks or months. It is important to understand that the symptoms of the detoxification and rejuvenation process signify the workings of the awesome rejuvenative power of the body. It will help the process if we appreciate the workings of the body and do everything possible to assist it in its healing processes. We can do this by taking a break or a sabbatical from our normal routines, obtaining plenty of extra sleep and rest–if necessary, complete rest–as well as eating simply, until the work is sufficiently accomplished and we experience new vigor and vitality. It would be ideal to take the sabbatical at a comfortable health center or retreat with fasting supervision, juicing, deep rest and hygiene education.If we persevere through the uncomfortable detox symptoms, get extra sleep and rest when feeling tired or unwell, and resist covering up symptoms with medicines (which only add more toxins to the system), we will arrive at a wonderful state of well being in the quickest time possible, and in the process, we will learn invaluable lessons about how the body works to restore health. Some of the rewards include freedom from illness, sweet smelling breath, no body odors, easy and inoffensive elimination, shinier, thicker hair, clearer eyes and skin, more mental energy and clarity, better memory, more joie de vivre, slimmer belly, no cellulite, greater stamina, deeper connection to spirit, and finding a mutual attraction with healthy, vivacious people like ourselves. Through healthful living practices which keep our bodies clean inside and free of energy-robbing toxic matter, we can ensure a healthier, longer, more vital and youthful life, free ourselves from disease and aging, and tap into the wellspring of joy within.

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The physical environment has toxic input from many sources and the human body is also a manufacturer of toxins on a regular basis. For these reasons, you have to consider cleansing your body of unwanted waste periodically to keep the systems of your body running smoothly. In Biblical practices, detoxification or purification is practiced with fasting. Jewish tradition calls for a 24 hour fast as a way to atone for sins. Jesus was called into the desert for 40 days and fasted as a means to higher spiritual calling. While fasting certainly eliminates any food impurities from entering the system, it is often difficult to execute. Hunger quickens the brain to crave nourishment and the lack of nourishment disallows organs to function well. This can be particularly dangerous for someone who is extremely toxic. For this reason, a modified food program along with a mechanism for removal of your toxins makes the most sense.The best way to detoxify your body is through the use of nutrients. Specific nutrients aid the liver, kidneys, and digestive system in the elimination of toxins. While detoxifying, it is also helpful to follow a specific diet low in allergens.To support your detoxification, eliminate food toxins from milk, wheat, peanuts, corn, soy, red meat, coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, artificial additives, eggs, citrus and several other categories of food. For some people this poses a problem, but there are many great substitutes to try including rice milk, rice bread, and rice cakes. You can also have almost all vegetables, many fruits, organic chicken, and organic turkey along with some other animal proteins. Many legumes are also alright to include in your diet.Another feature of a two week program is using detoxification foot baths called ionic baths. Ionic foot bath treatments usually require a warm water soak of your feet in a salt water bath for 18-23 minutes. The ionic soak creates an electromagnetic draw in the water causing removal of impurities through the pores of the feet. Massive color change occurs to the water as a result of detoxification and reduction in inflammatory activity of the body also seems to occur. While everyone’s results vary, foot detoxification bath treatments can greatly increase body metabolism, organ clarity, and soft tissue sobriety.Comments made by people who follow this program vary from, “It made me feel great!”, “I should eat like this all the time!” or “It was simple and I feel so much better!” Almost all participants who try the two week program once, often go back and do it again and again every 3 months or change of seasons.So if you are feeling a little sluggish after the holidays or you have just been abusing your body with too much excess of food and good spirit, try a two week detoxification.

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Just as there are a lot of ways for a person to physically cleanse himself, so too are there a lot of ways for him to cleanse his body on the inside. Internally cleansing one’s body is called detoxification. Body detoxification has already helped a lot of people around the world and there are a lot of reasons used to detail and explain the benefits of this process. Just knowing that this process will help a person cleanse the body internally should be an enough reason to attract many people to try out the process. However, people seem stubborn that they still choose not to engage in this process because of some reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the process is too difficult to start with and to maintain as well. This shouldn’t be because there are many detoxification tips made available for you when you are planning to get started with body detoxification. Here are some:1. Always think of the benefits
While you are going through the process, one thing that you should always remember is the benefits. This will motivate you to keep on with the process. People easily get overcome and side-tracked by the difficulties of this process such as drinking and eating horrible-tasting foods and liquids. Thus, you should always keep the benefits of detoxification in your mind. This is perhaps one of the most useful detoxification tips you can ever get.2. Think big but start small.
If this is your first time to perform the process, the best thing to do is to start small. Do not rush yourself but of course, it is still important that you think big for the best results. For example, you can start with the process by eating your regular food while incorporating some of the elements of the detoxification diet process that you chose to engage in. Then gradually, you can start shifting from the regular diet to the real detoxification diet. By starting out small, you will not be forcing your body to a brand new thing at the same time; you will be encouraged to continue what you are doing because you start seeing the positive effects of it.3. Relax.
Another good detoxification tip you can have is to relax. As a first-timer, you may have a lot of fears about the liquids and other products that you may be required to drink. Don’t fear and just relax. Remember that one of the reasons why you are going through this process is that you want to alleviate the stress, if you will be doing the process with fears and anxiety; you are simply defeating the purpose.There you go – the three body detoxification tips that you can make use of when you are getting started with your detoxification process. Remember, only by doing the things mentioned above will you be able to keep up with this brand new thing for your health. Allow yourself to start out small, relax and most of all, realize the benefits of detoxification and you’ll see how easy it is to go through the process.

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Here we can suggest a few modern, tested medical methods. Our long time experience proves that these methods can really help people become clean and change their lives. We know facilities which are qualified to provide such a drug addiction treatment. The most important aspect is to choose the methods which will work for you and only you.- Ultra rapid opoioid detoxification
– Buprenorphine opioid detoxification
– Tramadole reduction
– Clonidine oioid detoxification
– Craving- management
– Prevention and treatment of abstinence-induced depression and insomnia
– Aversive therapy
– Relapse protection with Naltrexone implants Ultra-rapid detoxification of opiate dependent patients Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UROD) is an increasingly popular technique for detoxifying patients addicted to opiates. This technique aims at reducing not only the duration, but also the intensity of withdrawal by using general anesthesia coupled with a naloxone or naltrexone medication. This procedure is performed by a team of doctors and nurses specialized in Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification. The procedure takes from 6 to 10 hours.The technique is based on a three-phase procedure. It consists of a medical and psychiatric selection of patients addicted to opiates, followed by the detoxification itself and finally a medical and psychosocial follow-up.Detoxification itself consists of 6 phases:- Induction phase: putting the entire body into pharmacological sleep or anesthesia.
– Ensuring safety of organs with the most advanced intensive care and anesthesia equipment monitoring your vital organs.
– Withdrawal syndrome prevention and protection from pain, heart exhaustion and vegetative dysfunctions during sleep.
– Cleansing body cells using special antagonist drugs.
– 24-hour monitoring and absence of cold turkey syndromes.
– The patients will awaken gradually, feeling that most of the physical addiction and withdrawal from opiates have been eliminated.Patients recover quickly after UBOD. Immediately upon waking up patients may feel weak and sleepy, but a few hours later appetite and full physical and psychological functionality are recovered.The six to ten hours of sleep equate with the patient having to endure six to eight days of “cold Turkey” quitting.Ultra rapid detox should only be the initial part of the recovery process to always be followed by Naltrexone implantation and/or extensive psycho-social counseling, therapies and life habit-changing arrangement. Without these follow-up steps, there is chance for relapse. UBOD only stops the physical addiction, without putting the patients through the torture of feeling the withdrawal process. It does not address the psychological and social underpinning of the addiction. The patient must get psycho-social counseling realignment therapies and/or a Naltrexone implant following rapid detox. With Ultra Rapid Detox, patients can enter the long recovery process without the bulk of the suffering resulting from physical withdrawal. In this context, it is an advantageous first step because it quickly achieves significant reduction in addiction and physical withdrawal if performed correctly. It does not require super-human will power or tolerance for the physical withdrawal process which may last 5 to 10 days. Without Ultra Rapid Detox, patients may be dissuaded from even trying, or may not even be able to sit through counseling sessions due to the evolving physical withdrawal.Buprenorphin (subutex)-detox of opiate dependent patients Buprenorphin (subutex)-detox of opiate dependent patients is a form of rapid detox which has been applied in the U.S. and some European countries since the nineties. Normally, the treatment lasts from 4 to 7 days providing a comfortable and painless transition to a clean state of body. A gradual detoxification process doesn’t allow any physical or psychological stress for the patient. This is crucial for opiate dependent patients.Buprenorphin is a semi-synthetic opioid receptors agonist/antagonist. It doesn’t cause euphoria, a drug dosage tolerance increase, nor risks of overdose like methadone. It allows quitting opiates without any pain. Within a few days a person becomes free of drugs. After testing a body with drugs it’s possible to use an implant against relapse.Tramadol-detox of opiate dependent patientsTramadol detox is another version of rapid detox which has been applied for decades.Tramadol is an opioid receptors agonist/antagonist. Tramadol reduction along with individual pharmacotherapy is a prevention of “cold turkey” syndrome. Tramadol allows a comfortable, short term detoxification, spanning within 3 to 5 days (rarely longer).You have to be honest with your counselor about dosages and substances. It is of great importance for planning a tailor made program for you!Craving management After body cleansing from drugs, there are cravings present to a lesser or greater extent. Psychological dependence can be shown not just in the form of a clearly realized desire to use a substance. Often it’s masked in symptoms like:
o Insomnia
o Decreased or increased appetite
o Perspiration with liable pulse and blood pressure
o Tension, irritability, explosiveness
o Depression, sadness, apathy
o Restlessness, lack of concentration
o Unpleasant sensations in the spine and legs
o Periodical thoughts and memories related to a past way of lifeSooner or later obsessive and then invincible cravings for drugs might begin. It becomes the most frequent reason for relapses.Anti-craving, a treatment of psychological dependence to a substance, can often become the most important, if not the most decisive treatment phase.After such an anti-craving treatment, patients often stop thinking of drugs. Many even forget what it feels like to be on drugs. Achieving freedom and indifference to drugs is possible. Therefore, medication, various computer technologies and informational psychotherapy are employed. Doctors make a custom made anti-craving treatment plan for each patient individually.

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As the number of chemicals and pollutants slowly increases in our environment, detoxification becomes an increasingly important part of a healthy life. Every person has a different capacity to detoxify efficiently, and those with the weakest detoxifying capability are the canaries of our world that experience the earliest symptoms.Toxicity SymptomsIn my clinical practice, there are several symptoms I use to gauge a person’s toxicity. The most common are changes in short-term memory/concentration and fatigue. If you have symptoms such as low energy, brain fog, word-searching, loss of recent memory, forgetting why you went to another room, or to the refrigerator, or to a store, these could be the early signs of toxicity.The fatigue experienced by my patients can be very gradual at first and appear to affect the morning and afternoon energy the most. Paradoxically, energy may go up in the evenings, causing difficulty in sleep initiation and insomnia. Other symptoms of toxicity include headaches, muscle twitches, indigestion, bowel changes, food allergies, sensitivity to chemicals and smells, sugar and/or salt craving, hypoglycemia (being unable to sustain blood sugar levels for more than two to three hours without eating), weight gain, fluid retention, metallic taste in the mouth, ringing in the ears, hormonal imbalance, PMS, low libido, infertility, skin changes and itching, yeast overgrowth, recurrent or persistent viral illnesses and depression & anxiety. As you can see by this list of symptoms, they can be very non-specific and may mimic other diseases.How We DetoxifyFor many of my patients, removing their stored toxins can be quite challenging. Since most toxins are fat-soluble and poorly excreted from the body, they can often accumulate in your fatty organs or fat cells or in fatty organs, such as the nervous system.The major function of the detoxification system is to change these lipophilic (fat-soluble) toxins into hydrophilic (water-soluble) ones. The body does this by adding electrons to the toxins, making them more ionic and water-soluble so they can be mobilized out of the cells. In the liver, toxins are further processed and eventually bound to amino acids, glutathione, glucuronic acid, methylating agents, etc. so they are soluble enough to be excreted in urine and bowels (most common excretion pathways). Mobilized toxins can also be directly excreted from the skin through perspiration.The problem of detoxification for most of my patients is the first step of mobilizing toxins from the cells. Detoxification involves attaching electrons from electron donors such as Vitamin C, and that requires energy. The problem in toxic patients is that their energy system is altered to a less energy-efficient process.Normally, cells derive their energy from oxidative phosphorylation which uses fats called essential fatty acids as an energy source. But for those who are toxic, it can cause a shift in the cell metabolism so that it reverts to a less efficient system of energy supply called glycolysis. This happens when the body uses sugar and salt to produce energy, a much less efficient process of producing energy.In this vicious cycle, toxicity begets fatigue, which causes decreased detoxification and more toxicity. The change to sugar metabolism can cause fatigue, muscle and joint pains, sugar and/or salt craving and increased acidosis, which can also enhance yeast overgrowth like Candida.Enhancing DetoxificationImproving excretion of toxins from the liver is an important part of an efficient detoxification system. There are two phases of liver detoxification; the first phase is the processing of the toxin to become more water-soluble, which requires various nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The second phase involves the binding of the toxin to a compound that will complete its conversion to water-solubility. Glutathione (and its precursors like MSM, NAC, whey protein), taurine, glycine and methyl B12 are just some examples of these agents.Cellular detoxification is more of a challenge because of the energy situation we described. In addition to the supplements for helping liver detoxification, specific measures can be helpful in mobilizing the intracellular toxins. First, the cells need more energy and that requires a healthy diet with a very strong emphasis on low-glycemic foods. Refined sugar products and trans fatty acids will make toxicity worse and complicate the situation. Essential fatty acids like fish oil and flaxseed oil are very helpful by providing more cellular energy and inhibiting cell membrane inefficiency.Other agents that inhibit the toxic effects on cell membranes could be glycine, taurine, and the herb sophora. We mentioned this valuable herb in previous newsletters because of its value in supporting the body’s ability to slow down cell membrane hyperexcitability and to make the cell membrane working more efficiently. Two other herbs that also support detoxification are smilax and dandelion root. These herbs have been used in eastern medicine for hundreds of years as blood and liver cleaning agents.Simple Steps to DetoxifyIf my patients are experiencing toxicity symptoms, I usually recommend they try the following:Stop any activity that is contributing to toxicity-living in moldy surroundings, drinking unfiltered water, eating too much food known to have arsenic, lead or mercury, avoiding exposure to pesticides and other chemicals. In other words, it’s important to identify and avoid any further toxic exposure.Eat a healthy low-sugar, low-salt diet. Chew slowly and take a probiotics like lactobacillus. Drinking plenty of clean water (to flush them out of the kidneys) and regular bowel movements (constipation naturally impedes excretion) further enhances excretion of the toxins.Nutrients that could help Phase I liver detoxification are multi-mineral/multi-vitamins and sublingual Methyl B12. Phase II detoxifying agents may be natural foods like garlic, onions or other cruciferous vegetables (e.g. broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc.). A supplement version could be N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) or glutathione. Adding fish oil or flaxseed oil may also be helpful.Perspiration, Either from Exercise or a Sauna, is an Inexpensive Detoxifier.There are also very effective herbs that work to support the body’s natural ability to properly excrete stored toxins. Some of these include herbal extracts of sophora, dandelion root and smilax. Since kidney energy is depleted from over-toxicity, herbs that support kidney energy may also be helpful.

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People consume toxic substances for many different reasons. Some drink for enjoyment, some as an act of celebration, and then there are others that drink socially. Irrespective of whether you drink regularly or periodically, the consumption of any toxic substance in excess, inclusive of alcohol is very unhealthy for you. In addition, if you find it hard for you to stop drinking and being addicted to alcohol, you should consider taking a detoxification program. Basically detoxification refers to the physiological or medicinal removal of any harmful substance from your body that may have been caused by an extended period of addiction. Detoxification is the answer for anyone that may be struggling with their addiction to any toxic substance.Many different detoxification programs such as the biological technique of detoxification are available for you to treat your addiction. These programs are present in every state because they have been found to treat addiction in a short period of time. The aim of this treatment is to get your body completely purified, leaving you free and clean from all toxic substances. Your years of addiction is not a problem, this detoxification treatment will remove all and any of the toxic substances that may be present in your body as a result of this treatment. You will therefore benefit greatly from this process.In most if not all cases, the detoxification program will also help you to steer clear of toxic substances and the associated health complications. This would in turn help you to make a quicker and smoother journey from your addiction to freedom. Don’t allow your addiction to cause you to suffer from the many health risks associated with these substances. Try one of the detoxification programs in order to begin the process of reducing your risks for health problems in the future, such as cirrhosis of the liver. This condition is a result of the residue left in the body from years of being addicted to alcohol.One of the best cures for your addiction and the dangerous health effects associated with it, is detoxification. It has been successful in helping many addicts overcome their addiction for alcohol and thus is normally the first process of treatment. This method is not only effective in treating addicts but it has also resulted in many lives being saved, as a result of reducing alcohol accidents by reducing the number of persons who are addicted to alcohol. In other words, as more and more drunk drivers are removed from the road, the chances of protecting more persons and saving their lives from an accident resulting from a drunk driver is increased.Another reason why this method of detoxification is so important is that it has caused many addicts to recover from their addiction and return to having a life that is healthy and normal. If you are addicted to any substance that is toxic, the biological method of detoxification will result in you losing your cravings for the toxic substance and help you to resist any temptation that may arise in your body. Even if your addiction is for heroin, completely removing the toxic substance can be accomplished through a process of detoxification.

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Kevin: So how do you approach it? If a patient comes in, how do you figure out between those seven things what it could be or what the combination is?Mark: That’s a great question. We learn in medical school what we’ll call, the differential diagnosis and that means that we try to narrow down the information to a specific diagnosis and anything that doesn’t match that, we ignore. In other words, if you come to me and you say, “You know, Dr. Hyman I have joint pain.” I’m going to look at your joints. You say, “I also have irritable bowel.” “Well, go see the gastroenterologist.” “I have this rash.” I say, “Well, go see the dermatologist.” “And I get these headaches.” “Well, go see the neurologist.” But in my world, the headaches, the rash, irritable bowel and arthritis are all part of the same problem. It’s not that this person happened to get all these conditions simultaneously.It’s that they have some underlying roots to all these things. So I do is an inclusive history, a 22 page questionnaire that allows me to understand everything about them, from whether they have root canals, to how many fillings they have, to whether they have itchy scalp, to whether they have foreign travel. Through this, a picture emerges and I can tell whether there is a predominance of inflammatory problems, or hormonal problems, or whether it’s probably digestive, or whether there’s major detoxification issues, or whether there are major energy issues.So I use of those seven frameworks to think about problems. Now, they’re all related. They’re not separate, but I take that information at the end of the day and I say, okay, well it seems like this is where we need to start.So for any of these systems, I have to ask two questions and it’s very simple actually. Functional medicine is really only about two questions. One is, what do you need to get rid of that’s making you sick. Is it a toxin, an allergen, an infection? Is it poor diet, or stress? There’s only five things. Sometimes it’s tricky, because people have multiple things. So you have to deal with all of them.The second thing we ask is, what does the body need to thrive? What are you missing for your body to function optimally? We need the right quality food. We need the right nutrients in the right amounts, depending on our genetic needs. We need the right amount of light, air and water. We need exercise. We need sleep and rest. We need rhythm; daily, regular rhythms because we’re circadian beings that function according to biological rhythms and also, we need connection, community, love, meaning, purpose, all these things that make us thrive. We need all those things. So we have to figure out what are they missing, what’s bugging them and we need to fix those two things everywhere around the whole system of the body and we need to do it all at the same time, more or less. So you take away the bad stuff and you put in the good stuff and the body does the rest.Kevin: What are some most prevalent factors of those seven? What do you see the most of?Mark: Well, I think you know there’s a lot of ways to get entry into the whole system and the reality is that when you work on any one system it works all the other systems. So in a way you get to where the most important touch points are for people and what I’ve experienced is there are two major touch points. One is its inflammation, because we’re all on fire and two, detoxification, because we’re all toxic.So what I do in my practice is I engage people in a lifestyle that is both anti-inflammatory and detoxifying and I do it through diet, through supplements, through various lifestyle treatments, such as saunas, cleansing programs and detoxification and exercise and stress reduction and mind-body therapies, all of which help fix these two major issues and then usually 90% of things go away, maybe 80%..Kevin: When you had the mercury issue in your body, how did you find out about it and did you go through a specific protocol for that?Mark: Very good question. What I found out about it was I developed chronic fatigue and I was sick for about a year. I finally came across a naturopath, who suggested to me that in cases of chronic fatigue there was often mercury issues. So I actually got my hair analysis done, which showed a very high level of mercury. I followed that up with a test, called a chelation challenge test. So I collected my urine after I took this chelating agent. Normally your level should be less than three. It shouldn’t really be any, but less than three is considered okay. Mine was 187.Kevin: Oh, my goodness.Mark: Most people are in the 50 to 100, range 30 to 50 range and very few over 100. There are maybe a handful of them are over 200. So I realized that I was quite sick. Then I began to search and read and study and talk to people and look at the research, which there hardly was any. It was the Wild West. There really was no clear, recommended protocol. They’re still really isn’t. I’d certainly tried and experienced almost everything, including oral chelating agents, intravenous chelation, high-dose vitamin C, saunas, which I think are extraordinarily helpful, infrared saunas in particular and over time I really was able to drop my mercury load down significantly to pretty much negligible. I did that through very deliberate processes of detoxification and so I not only learned on my patients, but I learned on myself, as well.Kevin: Yeah. Well, a lot of people on this call have an incredible interest in cleansing,
Detoxification and fasting. So what kind of protocol or how should someone recognize or figure out what sort of issues they are dealing with and then go on to a detoxification program?Mark: Well, that’s a great question. I think we can assume, based on living in the 21st century, that all of us have a certain load of petrochemical, industrial toxins. There was a study from the Environmental Working Group on 10 fetal cord blood samples.This is blood that comes from the umbilical cord of infants who are just born. So they have not even been in the world, but it’s their blood. They found over 260 toxic chemicals. 210 were neurotoxic and they found things such as phthalates, which is from plasticizers, flame retardants, pesticides, heavy metals and so on and so all of us we have to assume are subject to enormous loads of petrochemical toxins. Most of us seem to tolerate them more or less, but on the flip side of that is the question, how many of our other illnesses are related to this. We’ve seen an epidemic, for example, of allergic and autoimmune diseases. There’s a hypothesis out of Johns Hopkins coming out now, that environmental toxins are connected and perhaps they are a very important cause of autoimmune disease, which I do believe and see in my practice.So the first thing, you have to assume that everybody needs to be that detoxified some way and there’s really no reason to test for petrochemical toxins, although we can, because you have to assume everybody has them.Second, is heavy metals and I think this is an area where we can test and should test and I believe that heavy metal mercury screening tests should be probably the most important way we assess for chronic toxicity, particularly chronic illness, whether it’s depression, or Alzheimer’s, or chronic fatigue, or heart disease. We saw, in the last few days, articles in the New York Times talking about mercury in fish in New York City and sushi. Just having one sushi meal every three weeks is enough to make you
toxic.Then there’s the issue of dental amalgams, which is a whole can of worms and dental fillings with silver fillings. They’re not really silver. They’re mostly mercury, which do vaporize and get absorbed and have also heavy metal issues. So I think heavy metal testing is very important and this should really be done or doctor supervision. Once you’ve done that, then there are very simple ways that you can use to help detoxify. I think, everything needs to be customized. There’s no one-size-fits-all.In fact, I saw a case yesterday of a woman, who was very healthy, was a marathon runner. She was very fit. She’ thought, well, “I’m going on a cleansing program.” She followed a book, which talked about using greens and juices and she did it and got extraordinarily sick. In fact, she didn’t go to the bathroom for the whole time.Kevin: Wow.Mark: She didn’t have a bowel movement. So this is part of the problem. She went
unsupervised and it probably would’ve been okay if she had eliminated, but she actually developed chronic fatigue syndrome after, from being perfectly healthy. So I tell you to be careful with it when you do extreme fasting. My preference is more gentle type of fasting, which I wrote about in The Ultra Simple Diet, which is an anti-inflammatory detox program that simply takes away all the garbage. So you get rid of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, processed food, junk food. Then you add in and you also get rid of the common food allergens, because those create tremendous inflammation: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, yeast and a number of other things.Then you just eat whole, fresh food along with a vegetable broth and some detoxifying rice proteins and the reason I recommend that is we do need amino acids to detoxify. Our liver has some very clear systems that it uses to get rid of garbage, including amino acids. So if you’re not eating amino acids, you’re going to be breaking down your own muscle and tissue to get amino acids, because you body needs them. I recommend supplementing with amino acids that in the form of a form of a rice protein, which is hypoallergenic, but you can use other proteins or whey proteins if you’re not allergic to dairy, to help boost your own detoxification systems, as well as other nutritional and herbal support, it helps the liver maximize its function. I also recommend really being attentive to bowel function. As you can see from this patient who got very sick, you have to bathroom every day, once or twice a day.I had a workshop last week and there was a woman there who was overweight and had many, many chronic symptoms and her symptom score was 111 on our quiz, The Health Risk Assessment.. Now, anything over 20 is sick. Over 100 is really bad. In five days, her score came from 111 to 30 and she lost eight pounds. So the benefits of this are fantastic. You’re eating plenty of food that helps you detoxify like lots of garlic, lcruciferous vegetables, green tea, which can be decaffeinated. I recommend things like watercress, cilantro, artichoke, burdock, pomegranate, all of which have very powerful detoxifying effects on the body.