Detoxification in Only Two Weeks – Tell Me How? – Detoxification

The physical environment has toxic input from many sources and the human body is also a manufacturer of toxins on a regular basis. For these reasons, you have to consider cleansing your body of unwanted waste periodically to keep the systems of your body running smoothly. In Biblical practices, detoxification or purification is practiced with fasting. Jewish tradition calls for a 24 hour fast as a way to atone for sins. Jesus was called into the desert for 40 days and fasted as a means to higher spiritual calling. While fasting certainly eliminates any food impurities from entering the system, it is often difficult to execute. Hunger quickens the brain to crave nourishment and the lack of nourishment disallows organs to function well. This can be particularly dangerous for someone who is extremely toxic. For this reason, a modified food program along with a mechanism for removal of your toxins makes the most sense.The best way to detoxify your body is through the use of nutrients. Specific nutrients aid the liver, kidneys, and digestive system in the elimination of toxins. While detoxifying, it is also helpful to follow a specific diet low in allergens.To support your detoxification, eliminate food toxins from milk, wheat, peanuts, corn, soy, red meat, coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, artificial additives, eggs, citrus and several other categories of food. For some people this poses a problem, but there are many great substitutes to try including rice milk, rice bread, and rice cakes. You can also have almost all vegetables, many fruits, organic chicken, and organic turkey along with some other animal proteins. Many legumes are also alright to include in your diet.Another feature of a two week program is using detoxification foot baths called ionic baths. Ionic foot bath treatments usually require a warm water soak of your feet in a salt water bath for 18-23 minutes. The ionic soak creates an electromagnetic draw in the water causing removal of impurities through the pores of the feet. Massive color change occurs to the water as a result of detoxification and reduction in inflammatory activity of the body also seems to occur. While everyone’s results vary, foot detoxification bath treatments can greatly increase body metabolism, organ clarity, and soft tissue sobriety.Comments made by people who follow this program vary from, “It made me feel great!”, “I should eat like this all the time!” or “It was simple and I feel so much better!” Almost all participants who try the two week program once, often go back and do it again and again every 3 months or change of seasons.So if you are feeling a little sluggish after the holidays or you have just been abusing your body with too much excess of food and good spirit, try a two week detoxification.